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Electric motor and generator design expertise is rare. But this knowledge is crucial – and looking at today’s challenges of the world - it is becoming more important every day.

Our ambition is to amplify this valuable know-how and its state-of-the-art and to make it ubiquitous and accessible.

This is the reason of existence for this Professional Network of fellow engineers all active in the domain of electrical machine design:

  • from electromagnetics over thermal to power electronics and mechanical aspects,
  • from research over consulting to manufacturing or integration.


This site is:

  • a simple way of staying in touch and leading a technical discussion with a peer or contacting a new one - all over the world,
  • pure engineering related (commercial, marketing and head or job hunting activities will be banned),
  • free and it always shall remain free,
  • in English only,
  • THE place focused on all design related issues around electric motors and generators.


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May 1, 2020

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